The Distress Bandanna™ signals for IMMEDIATE roadside assistance.

Teen Driver Safety Initiative

Sponsored By Distress Bandanna™ and State Farm®

Presentation with Rebecca, Teen Driver Safety Ambassador

The Distress Bandanna™ is for use with the following:

  • SOS - Signals For Help
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Automobiles and Motorcycles
  • Signals For Medical Emergencies
  • First Aid - Slow Down Bleeding
  • Rough and Ready Make-Shift Tourniquets & Splints
  • Natural Disasters for Rescue Teams
  • Aerial Search and Rescues
  • Building Emergency Rescues
  • ALL OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS for hikers, hunters (if lost or hurt), campers and boating
  • Emergency Preparedness Kits

Distress Bandannas primarily serve as an SOS for immediate help or a medical emergency for law enforcement or a passerby to call 911. If you use the Distress Bandanna™ while in your car, just roll your window down & snug from side mirror or just hang right our your window. Do not get out of your car to use the Distress Bandanna.

Outdoor Enthusiasts if lost or hurt while hiking, hunting, camping, SOS while boating. Aerial search & rescues. Hang the Distress Bandanna™ from a tree or lay out on the ground flat for drones or helicopters searching for you.

Building emergency rescues. Hang the Distress Bandanna™ out windows for firefighters or rescue teams.

Use the Distress Bandanna™ as a Rough & Ready Make-Shift Tourniquet to slow down or stop bleeding. Please refer to our instructional video.

Distress Bandanna™ is recognized by law enforcement including State Police.

A great product to use for your fundraising events!

Distress Bandanna™ is a supporter of the Illinois High School and College Driver Education Association.

What Does It Do?

  • Signals for Help
  • Reduces Confusion
  • Prevents Dangerous Highway Situations and Saves Lives


  • Seen in all weather conditions being that it has a fluorescent corner
  • Hang it on or E-Z pull through strap for snugging
  • 27x27 for better visibility sake
  • Distress Bandanna™ | Made in America Made in the USA

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